The Women Of Paradise

The Women Of Paradise


Allah, the Creator of the world has granted a special place to a woman and blessed her with such features and virtues which are the key to happiness and peace in life. Those endowed with knowledge fully appreciate this point. However, western culture and the civilization of our times have struck a fatal blow to this concept of womanhood. As a result, homes and family life have been shattered. The serene atmosphere of the home has been vitiated by the new culture. Women have been forced out of their secure and peaceful place in their homes and planted in offices and work places. This has greatly disturbed upbringing of their children and their obligations towards their husbands. Women have been misled by the false slogans of equality. Under the influence of Western civilization women have deviated from Shariah. It has adversely affected their happy and peaceful life and their modesty and chastity. Since Allah has created woman and brought her into being out of nothing, He knows well her character and conduct.


Author: Mufti Muhammad Irshad Qasmi

Pages: 126 Binding: Paperback


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