Baltic Amber 99 Beads Tasbeeh

Baltic Amber 99 Beads Tasbeeh

Approximately 15g 

Islamic Muslim Prayer Amber 99 Beads with Million Years old amber beads. Beads are from genuine quality Baltic amber. 

Free velvet Pouch 

Ideal for gifting 

The Backstory of Baltic Amber

There are many natural healing properties found organically within the Earth.

What Is Baltic Amber?
Amber is a tree resin that fossilized over tens of millions of years in the earth, where it matured under high temperature and pressure. Today, amber is extracted from rocks or collected when it is washed up onshore by the sea. Amber is a very soft material and has been used in jewelry, medicine, and perfumery since ancient times.
Baltic Amber is a scientific phenomenon that contains fossil plants and insects that date back for over 40 million years! Finding bugs and plants frozen for millions of years is exiting experience. Most of the life-forms found in true fossil amber are now extinct. Baltic amber gives us all a great opportunity to view fascinating world of prehistoric times.
Baltic amber contains naturally-occurring valuable substance called succinic acid, which when externally treated absorbed has analgesic healing effect. Amber is also suitable for pharmacy and cosmetics as it contains no heavy metal admixtures.
Amber is treasured as a precious stone, valued for it's healing properties. Thought to be tied to the power of the sun, amber is a fabulously cheerful material, and with the exposed setting these amber pieces really glow.
Types of Amber
A common classification of amber is according to its origin. Nowadays, there are two main areas where most amber is found: The Baltic region and the Dominican Republic. There are also deposits in other parts of the world, but they are relatively small compared with the ones in those two major regions. Baltic Amber This type of natural amber is over 40 million years old and is one of the most valuable. It can be transparent or opaque and occurs in light to dark tones of yellow. The opaque variety of Baltic amber can also be white. Dominican Amber Amber coming from the Dominican Republic is between 25 and 40 million years old. This type of amber is more likely than the Baltic variety to have insects or plants trapped inside. Much like Baltic amber, Dominican amber can be seen in various tones of yellow, but it also comes in blue and green varieties, which are found only in this region and are very rare.
35 and 50 million years ago climate change made conifer trees to exude big amounts of resin in regions covered by the Baltic Sea. Natural resin oozed its way out of a tree and eventually fossilized, hardened into clear lumps. Nowadays amber is extracted from ground or collected when it is washed up onshore, main area where most amber is found is Lithuania and countries near by.
   Baltic amber mining
Known for quality
Amber jewelry we sell are not artificial, synthetic, reconstituted or substitute for Baltic amber.
Amber soft enough material and has been used in jewelry since ancient times. While amber may come from many places in the world, amber is usually associated with Lithuania. Other deposits exists in other parts of the world, but they are relatively small Baltic region. Commercial value of amber is related to its scarcity, age, inclusions of extinct species and durability, valued much more than other immature recent resin, that yet has'nt fully fossilized compared to the prehistoric nature of true fossil amber. Young amber is worth only a small fraction of that. It ages usually only thousands of years old, instead of millions of years Baltic amber, that is why commonly used for imitations.


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