The Virtue of Remaining Steadfast When Losing A Child

The Virtue of Remaining Steadfast When Losing A Child


Few trials are as intense as the pain of losing a child: we are left bewildered, sometimes angry, and our most fundamental beliefs may be challenged. The Virtue of Remaining Steadfast When Losing a Child is a compendium of consolations found in the earliest texts of Islam, the great majority of them attributed to the Messenger of Allah himself.

The devoted reader will learn how this uniquely painful suffering can be the occasion of reward by the Most Merciful, and a means of drawing nearer to Him and His Blessed Prophet. It is also hoped the book will serve as a useful reference work for; Imams, Hospital Workers and others with professional responsibilities.

The translator has included an in-depth research of Imam al-Suyuti's biography in the book.

Mufti Zaid Haspatel, a senior lecturer from Dar al-Uloom Zakariyya (South Africa) translated the book using four manuscripts. It is a translation of Imam Suyutis book with additional notes, index and an introduction.

This is the first book on the topic in the English language. Al-Suyuti was orphaned at an early age, and during the course of his life also lost a son, a daughter and his wife, which may have prompted him to write this book. The translator has also tasted the pain of which it speaks.

About Imam Jalal al-Din Al-Suyuti's (849-911 AH)

Abd al-Rahman ibn Kamal al-Din Abi Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Sabiq al-Din, Jalal al-Din al-Misri al-Suyuti al-Shafi`i al-Ash`ari, also known as Ibn al-Asyuti (849-911AH), the mujtahid imam and renewer of the tenth Islamic century, foremost hadith master, jurist, Sufi, philologist, and historian, he authored works in virtually every Islamic science.

Born to a Turkish mother and non-Arab father and raised as an orphan in Cairo, he memorised the Qur'an at eight, then several complete works of Sacred Law.

He travelled in the pursuit of knowledge to Damascus, the Hijaz, Yemen, India, Morocco, the lands south of Morocco, as well as to centres of learning in Egypt such as Mahalla, Dumyat, and Fayyum. He was some time head teacher of hadith at the Shaykhuniyya school in Cairo at the recommendation of Imam Kamal al-Din ibn al-Humam, Read More


The Virtue of Remaining Steadfast When Losing a Child
English Translation & Commentary of Imam Jalal al-Din Al-Suyuti's
Fadl al-Jalad Inda Faqd Al-Walad
Translator : Abu Muhammad Zaid Ibn Mahmud Haspatel
Paperback 159 Pages
Size : 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 Inches
Publisher : Inprint (IZ), London & Johannesburg

With Additional Notes, Index and an Introduction


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