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Upright Bakhoor Burner

Upright Bakhoor Burner

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Upright Electric Bakhoor Burner
Perfume Hut Upright Bakhoor Burner 
Ever wanted the Enchanting Middle Eastern Aroma of Bakhoor burners without the tedious task of burning coal?
Then our Upright Bakhoor Burner is the product for you. This revolutionary Bakhoor burner is fully electric meaning all you need to do is fill it up with a little Bakhoor and hit the switch.
Perfect to fragrance you house or your clothes without all the hassle of traditional Bakhoor burners.
Built with safety in mind the item has an automatic cut off mode so you need not worry, just hit the switch and allow your home to be transformed.
Available in two colours : White & Gold  and Black & Gold
What’s in the box?

Handheld Bakhoor Burner
Gift Box
Storage Bag
2 x Heat Plates
USB Charging Cable
Cleaning Brush
Our own step by step Instruction Manual

Burn Time
We have a indepth step to step guide video which you can watch to get the maximum out of your Burner!
Once switched on, the Burner will burn continuously for 90 seconds. Thereafter, the device will switch off for 30 seconds  to prevent overheating (please do not try to start up instantly) & to avoid it being too overpowering as it produces a lot of smoke!
If you STILL require more fragrance after the cool down time, simply hit the power button and it will switch on again.