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Tuhfat Al Arous, The Bride's Boon

Tuhfat Al Arous, The Bride's Boon


The book handles all necessary information about Marriage in Islam, which hopes that "the readers study the technique of marriage before getting into it." 

The author in this book tried to write "beneficial treatise and authenticated treatment clearly by explaining the way to a happy material life." 

Who also tried to point out "certain issues which is believed to be important to every one who marries and with which many wives in particular have been tested."

Some of the Subjects Tackled include:

  • Marriage as Allah's Favors 
  • Chastity 
  • Righteousness and Marriage 
  • Beware of Outer Appearance  
  • Looking at One's Prospective Partner  
  • Marriage, the Best Bond for the Lovers  
  • The Bride’s Dowry 
  • Recommendations Before Marriage  
  • What Husband says upon the First Time to Have Sexual Intercourse with His Wife?  
  • The Prohibition of Spreading Bedroom Secrets 
  • Deserting One’s Wife for a Long Time  
  • A wife Should Satisfy Her Husband As Quick As Possible 
  • Caressing One’s Wife Even While Menstruation  


By Mahmoud M. Al- Istambulli
Translator : Dr. AbdelHamid Eliwa
Hardback 286 Pages 
Publisher : Kutub Khana Ishyat-Ul-Islam

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