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The True Secret by Amira Ayad

The True Secret by Amira Ayad


As Human Beings, We all desire happiness, success, health, and peace of mind. As Muslims, we strive to live every aspect of our lives in accordance with our Islamic beliefs in order to earn the pleasure of Allah and reach Paradise in the next life. Just how do we go about accomplishing all this, though? How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

The True Secret offers practical step-by-step program that you could use to evaluate your situation and begin to make changes in beliefs and actions, working towards success in this life and the next. The examples, tools, and explanations are in accordance with authentic Islamic teachings and yet, still, not surprisingly, in accordance with the latest scientific researches and recommendations.

We know that every thing happens with the will of Allah, and this gives us security and peace of mind, but still we know that we are accountable for our actions:

"Verily, Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves" (Qur'an, 13: 11)

This book is your personal journey towards unlocking your full potentials and Reaching success, happiness, and wellbeing. It assists you in Finding Your Path and achieving your goals and deeply held dreams, in this life and the Next, in shaa Allah.

About the Author

A pharmacist by profession who used to teach at the faculty of pharmacy in Alexandria and Ain Shams Universities, Egypt and a Masters degree in Pharmaceutics (the science of dosage form design).

Now a nutrition specialist and natural health consultant. Her PhD thesis was about the effect of Islamic spirituality on the quality of life.

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