The Traditionalists

The Traditionalists


A revised translation of the book "Mohaditheen Azam - The Great Mohadditheen (The Men of Hadith) & Their Contributions

Contents Include:

  • Definition of Hadith
  • Imam Abu Hanifah
  • Imam Malik
  • imam Shafi'i 
  • Imam Ahmad Ibn Hambal
  • Imam Bukhari
  • Imam Muslim
  • Imam Abu Da'ud
  • Imam Tirmidhi
  • Imam Nasa'i
  • Imam Ibn Majah
  • Imam Tahawi

About The Author

Maulana (Shaikh) Taqiy ad-din Nadwi Mazahiri was a Lecturer of Hadith at the Famous Nadwatul Ulema. The Nadwatul Ulama Darul Uloom consists of men of learning who, like the learned author though firm and orthodox in faith, were ready to be tolerant in controversial matters; who, with their expert knowledge of theological sciences, were also fully conversant with the problems of the day and kept a discerning eye on the demands of the time, and who, in addition to being known for their piety and strict observance of the Shariat, believed also in concord and unity among Muslims. They all came from highly distinguished families, religiously and educationally.

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