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The Rise And Fall Of Muslims

The Rise And Fall Of Muslims


This book presents an account of the wonder inspiring rise of the Muslims and their pathetic fall. It embodies the stories and assessments of the very first "Kilafat-e-Rashidah" (the well-guided government of the immediate successors of the Holy Prophet of Islam and the Muslim goverments in the succeeding periods of history, thier political strategies, their collective and social events and conditions in the cultural and administrative scenarios. The factors and events leading to the rise of the Muslims and their faults and shortcomings resulted in their horrible downfall, have been critically analysed. It is in fact an astonishing long tale which spread over a span of hundreds of years of the History of Islam

Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi, was a critical thinker and was one of the few Indian Scholars who approved of the need for ijtihad in our times


Islamic History:
The Rise and Fall of Muslims
From the Pious Caliphs to Abbasid Spain and Moghal Dynasties

By Saeed Akbarabadi
Hardback 295 pages
Published in India ISBN 81-7435-293-7

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