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The Life & Work of the Prophet of Islam

The Life & Work of the Prophet of Islam


IN the annals of men, individuals have not been lacking who conspicuously devoted their lives to the socio-religious reform of their connected peoples. We find them in every epoch and in all lands. In India, there lived those who transmitted to the world the Vedas, and there was also the great Gautama Buddha; China had its Confucius; the Avesta was produced in Iran. Babylonia gave to the world one of the greatest reformers, the Prophet Abraham (not to speak of such of his ancestors as Enoch and Noah about whom we have very scanty information). The Jewish people may rightly be proud of a long series of reformers: Moses, Samuel, David, Solomon, and Jesus among others.

Then Came Muhammadl the final Messenger of Almighty Allah, and the seal of the long line of prophets, to guide mankind to lead a virtuous life in accordance with the commands of Allah.

By Muhammad Hamidulla
Translated in English and Edited by Mahmood Ahmed Ghazi
English Translation Edited by Mehboob Ahmed
By Adam Publishers
522 Pages paperback

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