The Book Of Finance (Kitab al-Amwal)

The Book Of Finance (Kitab al-Amwal)


nglish Translation of Imam Abu 'Ubayd al-Qasim ibn Salam's Kitab al-Amwal

Kitab al-Amwal is a compilation of traditions and historical events regarding sources of revenue of the early Islamic State and its public and fiscal policy.

The book is unique in many respects, It is a comprehensive and integrative study of the islamic financial and fiscal system, presenting the whole mosaic in historical, analytical and juristic manner; it covers the different administrative aspects of the Islamic State as well as rules of governance; and it serves as an authentic source of histor of Islamic economic thought.

The translation of this work is based on the Arabic text of the ancient manuscript preserved in Dar al-Hutub al-Masriyyah (No. 2558 Hadith), Cairo, Egypt. The manuscript was edited by Muhammed Hamid al-Faqi and Muhammad Khalil Haras, two Egyptian scholars of al-Azhar University. Translated with introduction and annotations by Mohammed Ghiffari.

About the Author

Imam Abu 'Ubayd was a scholar of the second and third century AH from Hara. He was a man of outstanding scholarship and distinguished calibre. He was a scholar of Quranic lores, Hadith, fiqh, literature and different sciences of Islamic learning. He was a teacher, writer, jurist and a muhaddith.

Alongwith this scholarship, he was pious, noble, kindhearted, bold and a man of sterling character.

Imam Ibn Hajar quotes Imam Ibn Hibban as saying,

''Abu 'Ubayd was one of the Imams of the people. He was a scholar of Hadith and fiqh. He was purely religious mined and pious, His knowledge of literature and history was very vast. He collected, edited, reviewed, summarized, and compiled works of the learned and pious ancients. He inflicted a crushing defeat on the enemies of the sunnah. He put an end to the doubts concerning hadith and undertook the support of it as his sole responsibility.''

He passed away in Makkah in Muharram 224 AH

Author: Imam Abu 'Ubayd al-Qasim ibn Salam
# of Pages: 514
Type: HB
Publisher: Adam Publishers


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