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Tas-heelul Ahadeeth Part 12 (Hadith Made Easy)

Tas-heelul Ahadeeth Part 12 (Hadith Made Easy)




The TASHEEL SERIES is an Islamic curriculum for children aged 5 – 16 years old. Named Tasheel because it draws its inspiration from its Arabic root letters which means ‘Ease ’. After years of living in the secular society which South Africa offered, scholars realised whilst developing an authentic, invigorating and stimulating Islamic educational material, Ease of use for the Child Learner is integral to this process. After some 70 years of experience the combined efforts of authentic traditional Islamic scholarship, educational theorists and psychologists The Tasheel Series was born under the asupices of the ‘ Jamiatul ‘Ulama South Africa’ [ Council of Islamic Theologians].

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