Admonition For Neglectful

Admonition For Neglectful


Published by Dar al Kotob Ilimiyah Beirut Lebanon (good quality Print)

The Original Book in Arabic Called Tambehul Ghafileen by Faqih Abu Lais Samarqandi (373 Hijri) who was know as Imaamul Huda (Leader of Guidance) during his time (C 373H). The Urdu translation was done by Maulana Mahfoozul Hassan Sambali entitled Rawdatus Saliheen.

Many Scholars use this book for their (Murids) disciples because it is so well divided and sub divided, extracts can be easily used as article fillers page and cover filler.
The theme of the book is the warning to Neglectful Muslim which relates to the life after death

Excellent for extracts to be used as articles, page and cover fillers as it is so well divided and subdivided.

Reliable, authentic and valuable material of the ahlus Sunnat Wal Jam'at

Not to be confused with Imam Abd Al-Wahhab Ash-Sha'rani's Tanbih'ul Mughtareen also translated as Admonition For The Neglectful English 


Tanbihul Ghaafileen (Rawdatus Saliheen)
Admonition For The Neglectful
Faqih Abu Lais Samarqandi
Edited and Translated by Rafiq Abdur Rehman
paperback 287 Pages


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