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Siafa Sukkary Rutub Dates 500g

Siafa Sukkary Rutub Dates 500g


Rutub Sukkari Dates are crispy, very sweet dates cultivated in Al Qaseem region in Saudi Arabia. SUKKARI Dates are highly demanded by customers due to its taste, freshness, and reasonable price. Scientific studies have shown that Rutub Sukkary Dates benefits are anthelmintic, high in nutritional value, high in iron content and fluorine, rich source of vitamins and minerals. Consuming Sukkari dates regularly can help to lower cholesterol and keep many health disorders away. Dates improve the sight and moisturize the eye ball and skin as it contains Vitamin A, preventing tooth decay, Considered a treatment for the loss of appetite and lack of concentration, general fatigue, and heart palpitation as its rich with magnesium, copper and potassium, it helps improve the digestive system as it contains soluble and insoluble fibers and different kinds of amino acids and Keeps teeth healthy and prevents cavity.

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