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Ruh Al Teeb, Concentrated Perfume Oil - 15 ML

Ruh Al Teeb, Concentrated Perfume Oil - 15 ML


Quantity- 15ml

Description: Ruh al teeb as the name suggests is the”essence of purity”. It is an impeccable perfume which is destined to captivate and fashion waves of emotion. It Encapsulates the spirit of freedom by offering an intense and invigorating aroma which wafts through the air stimulating sensational sensations.

The bottle consists of high quality glass individually hand polished to give excellent transparency and clarity. It is encased in an exquisitely designed metal jacket which offers the customer a value for money product.

The purple color epoxy on the shoulder and purple gem stones on the metal jacket and top of the cap accentuates the aesthetics and embellishes this extremely elegant bottle.

The product is packed in an exclusive and very trendy packaging with intricate designs made from high quality silver foil which will appeal instantly to the discerning consumers.

Ruhal teeb is a classic rendition of one of the most highly esteemed fragrance in perfumery. It is a light hearted, sophisticated fragrance which is richly feminine, very sensual and symbolizes the elegant, multicultural and multifaceted lifestyle of today’s lass. The underlying opulence and feminity theme will infuse a feeling of De ja vu and will cause this perfume to shine among the myriad melee of me too products.

Olfactory description: Flowery, woody, ambery, spicy and musky.

The fragrance has top notes of fresh flowers( jasmine, rose, lily of the valley), herbal (romanchamomile) and fruity(tagettes). Its middle note is woody, ambery, floral-germanium, spicy also floral lily of the valley and woody sandalwood while the base note is mainly musky, diffusive-hedionic with good auraticbreathing and important shades of green melon and green floral accords that combine with patchouli from Indonesia.

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