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Rose Aoud 100ml

Rose Aoud 100ml

ROSE AOUD 100ml EDP Perfume by Oud D'Arabie London
OPULENT FRESH & FLORAL FRAGRANCE:  Starts off as intensely Rosy and ages to reveal deeper Woody (Oudy) notes.
MUST HAVE FOR ROSE LOVERS: This fragrance is delectable making it perfect for wearing at events or for evenings.
HIGH QUALITY PERFUME: Like all other Oud D'Arabie fragrances, this too has excellent sillage, projection and longevity. Once sprayed it will fill your surroundings for hours.
SUPERB VALUE FOR MONEY: You won't find many high quality 100ml Rose & Oud blends for this price.
PERFECT FOR GIFTS: Classy packaging and Oriental Styled bottle is a treat to behold

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