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Rawdat at-Tajwid

Rawdat at-Tajwid


Rawdat at-Tajwid is aimed primarily at students of the Alimiyah course, although it can be taught to anybody who has mastered the basics of Tajwid. It was originally penned in Urdu by Qari Zakirhusen, teacher of Tajwid at Darul Uloom Buy.

Published in 2010, it quickly became a staple in the Alimiyah curriculum of many Madrasahs. This English adaptation has been carried out by the Tajwid faculty at Markazul Uloom (girls) Blackburn. We pray this humble offering is of good service to all Students of Knowledge across the English speaking world. Aameen


PublisherMarkazul Uloom
Size21 x 14cm
Item Weight330g
Item CategoryMadrasah-school-syllabus

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