Quran Pen Ahsan Ul Kalam

Quran Pen Ahsan Ul Kalam


The complete package!

Box Includes:
- Full colour coded tajweed Quran (1)

- Stylus Pen (1)

- Juz Amma (1)

- Wallet Cards (12)

- Earphones (1)

- Neck Ribbon

- Charger

- Userguide



- Tafseer E Usmani

- Word By Word Translation

- Word By Word Tajweed

- Combine

- Memorize

- Voice Compression

- Interpretation

- Record

- Rules Of Tajweed

- 8GB Memory


12 Wallet Cards Include 

1) Pocket Quran

2) 40 Hadeeth

3) Masnoon Duas

4) Asan Wudu

5) Asaan Namaz

6) Akham E Tajweed

7) Asaan Hajj

8) Asaan Umrah

9) Sunnaten

10) Seerat E Nabi

11) Respect Of Parents

12) Emaniyat


12 Languages

1) English

2) Urdu

3) Farsi

4) Pushtoo

5) Hindi

6) Espanol

7) Kurdish

8) Deutsch

9) Malaysian

10) Turkish

11) Uzbik

12) Punjabi


10 Imam Voices

1) Sheikh Al Sudais

2) Sheikh Al Huzzaifi

3) Sheikh Al Hussary

4) Sheikh Mahir

5) Sheikh Al Ghamdi

6) Sheikh Abdul Basit

7) Sheikh Al Shuraim

8) Sheikh Al Affasy

9) Sheikh Al Ajami

10) Sheikh Al Minshawi

**extra Translations and recitations available to download after purchase**

The pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the corresponding text in beautiful digital sound. When the Read pen is pointed at the beginning title of each text, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn and memorise and recite, all in just 3 easy steps – point, listen and recite. 

The sound comes through the built-in speaker of the pen, and earphones can be plugged in for a more concentrated and private listening.

“With this new breakthrough technology, the learning process is accelerated!”

1. Complete deluxe Holy Quran book.
2. Digital pen with built-in speaker & built-in lithium battery
3. Read sentence (ayat) by touching the start of the ayat
4. Read the whole Chapter by touching the title 
5. Repeat by touching again
6. Clear and loud voice with volume control
7. Smart design
8. Built-in MP3 function, use like a USB flash drive
9. Especially suitable for memorising Surahs
10.Instructions manual included to adjust volume and speed of recitation.
11. Built in Lithium Battery



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