Oud By Al Qasr Gift Set

Oud By Al Qasr Gift Set

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1. Oud Tabac

A rich textured Oud with very high grade ingredients used. The ingredients used in this is the best grade from our entire Oud collection. The rich deep caramelised chocolate Oud takes you into a journey as though you are walking through the Angkor Watt temple of Cambodia.


2. Egyptian Oud

Egyptian Oud isa a sweet Oud with a beutiful velvet textured aroma. A very unique fragrance which we found in Cairo Egypt.


3. Gucci Oud Intense

A perfectly balanced Oud which combines freshness with a smoky Oud aroma. Perfect for wearing in the office.


4. Oud Ispahan

A smokey Oud wrapped up in floral notes. This Oud has an auro of mystery around it.


5. Velvet Desert Oud
Velvet Desert Oud is a velvety creamy textured Oud. The fragrance seduces with classic Middle eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious Oud and the sweetness and depth of Amber. The lingering softy musky base notes leave a final memory of sweet seduction.


6. Ombre Leather
A beautiful strong and manly perfume which is one the finest leather note fragrance in the market. After a few hours of application, this perfume turns sweet and is extremely long lasting and the scent just keeps on growing on you.


7. Black Oud
Black Oud has been one of Al Qasr’s best-selling Ouds at exhibitions. A woody Floral Musk fragrance. The fragrance Rose, french labdinum, musk, Patchouli, mandarin Orange and Oud.


8. Oud Wood
Oud Woody by Al Qasr is extremely popular and a beautifully blended Oud perfume. The fragracnce comes with exotic Rose, Cardamon, Sandalwood and Vetiver. Tonka bean and Amber add warm sesuality.


9. Oud Satin Mood

Oud Satin Mood does not need no explanation. The name itself describes the perfume. An Oud with a silk and satin touch to it.


10. Oud Devine 
Oud Devine is a gorgeous subtle Oud with a musky back drop. The name itself describes this Oud very well as the fragrance is Devine


10 x 3ml oil perfumes with a stainless steel roller


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