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Sunnan An Nasai Arabic ( Beirut )

Sunnan An Nasai Arabic ( Beirut )


Sunan al-Nasa'i follows the footsteps of Imam Muslim and Imam Bukhari (R.A). Overall most of the Ahadeeth are Sahih and where he narrates a weak narration he clearly clarifies the weakness. Thus it is 3rd in number in the Sihah Sittah after Bukhari and Muslim according to some Ulama'a because of its Sahih narrations. 

Imam Nas'ai clarifies the hard words and brings different narrations for one particular Hadeeth. This is a Sharh of Imam Suyuti and Imam al Sindhi.


About The Author

Imam Abu Abdur Rahman Ahmad ibn Shu'aib an-Nasa'i (r.a) - [215 - 303 A.H.] was born in the town of Nasa'i in the province of Khorasan. After gaining hadith from the teachers in his own city, Imam an-Nasa'i travelled through Khorasan, Iraq, the Hijaz, Syria and Egypt collecting ahadith. 

Egypt was where Imam an-Nasa'i settled and established his center for teaching and studies here. He Died in Makkah in 303 Hijri.

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