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Lookman e Hayat Tel 50ml

Lookman e Hayat Tel 50ml


Lookman e Hayat Tel is Useful in Burns, Cuts, Injuries, Sprain, Pain, Swelling, Wounds & Massage.

Packaging Size : 100 ml.

Lookman e Hayat Tel Benefits

  • Cuts : Lookman-e-hayat tel helps to stop bleeding immediately, when applied on cuts. If the cuts is bigger then apply Lookman-e-hayat tel & bandage the wound, the skin will join again.
  • Burns : When applied on any type of burn, Lookman-e-hayat tel soothes, relieves pain & help to remove the scar. If the burn is bigger then apply it after every two hours.
  • Sprain : Massage Lookman-e hayat tel on the sprain, it manages faster.
  • Wounds : If applied on wounds,it relives pain & manages faster.
  • Swelling : In case of swelling it manages swiftly & permanently.
  • Injuries : Lookman-e-hayat tel manages any type of external injuries. In case of internal injuries, it forces clotted blood to move again. Application of Lookman-e-hayat tel even manages mouth ulcer.
  • Pain : For any type of pain, such as hands, legs, knees, back etc. & for joint pain, Lookman-e-hayat tel can be massaged, it relives pain immediately.
  • Boils : Lookman-e-hayat tel manages boils & rashes quickly.
  • Skin Aliments : Lookman-e-hayat tel even manages the common ailments of the skin like scabies eczema ringwarm etc.
  • Ear Ache : Two drops of Lookmane-e- hayat tel will kill the pain.
  • Massage : Lookman-e-hayat tel can be used for massage after delivery for both mother & child massage new born babies with Lookman-e-hayat tel, it will make them active babies with Lookmane-e-hayat tel, it will make them active & healthy. It is indicated for the rickets & weakness of & healthy bones. It even manages circumssion (khatna) faster.
  • Gums : It can be applied on swollen gums to relieve pain.
  • Piles : Lookman-e-hayat tel can be used for managing the piles fissures.
  • Strain & Exertion : To get rid of physical strain due to traveling, daily exertion & sports, massage it all over the body & take hot water bath after half an hour.
  • Fractures : Continuous application of Lookman-e-hayat tel in the case of fractures helps in fixing the fracture.
  • Operation : It can also be used in post operative cases.
  • Bites : If bitten by scorpion, crab or bee apply Lookman-e hayat tel for soothing. In case of snake bites & poisonous insects bites apply Lookman-e-hayat tel & consult the doctor immediately.
  • Paralysis : In paralysis massage full body with Lookman-e-hayat tel is also useful in many other ailments, it is difficult to give details.

Lookman e Hayat Tel Composition


  • Guggal (Commiphora Mukul) - 03%
  • Til Oil (Sesamum Indicum) - 97%

Note:Lookman-E-Hayat Tel, even if dropped in eyes or mouth will cause no harm.