Kitaabul Imaan

Kitaabul Imaan


The Book Of Islamic Faith(prrpared by Majlisu; ulama of SouthThis book is written to present the true Islamic meaning, importance, rewards and demand of IMAAN and KUFR respectively according to Quran and Hadith. While the western Kufr theories, in today's age of liberalisation, ignorance and materialism, has created a great confusion among Muslim by attributing fanciful interpretations of IMAAN and KUFR. The writer has tried well to explain thoroughly Islamic concept of IMAAN and KUFR so that a Muslim should be aware of snares which may entrap them to destroy their IMAAN and their AAKHIRAH. Towards the end of life, even a pious man, may commit Kufr and dies as kaafir because he was life long kaafir, even though be performed sala , paid zakaat, performed Haj, having no real Imaan in his heart. His righteous deeds were nothing but mirages as Qur'an says:
"Those who commit kufr, their (righteous) deeds are like glittering sand in a plain. A thirsty man thinks it to be water; but when he reaches there, he finds it to be nothing...",.
So it is very important. for a Muslim to have a clear conception about IMAAN and KUFR. Allah may protect our IMAAN.


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