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Junaid Jamshed who is one of Pakistan’s most prominent recording artists and a very well known public figure has given up his musical career and extensive brand marketing collaborations in order to pursue a new direction in life. He has a renewed focus and is now dedicated to spreading the word of Islam, and in this vein has launched a new Islamic Album, “Jalwa-e-Janan”.

“Jalwa-e-Janan” is comprised of various Hamds and Naats recited by Junaid Jamshed and has been well received by the masses in Pakistan.

This album Journey to enlightenment gives you peace of mind and soul after listening. Best way to be motivated to your religion. Journey to Enlightenment is a beautiful collection. This album is all in praise of Almighty God. Junaid Jamshed adopts a soothing, melodious style.

01. Jalwa-e-Janaan
02. Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Ka Roza
03. Tune Poochi Hai imamat
04. Jaga Ji Lagane Ki Duniya Nahin Hai
05. Multazim Par Dua
06. Qad Af Laha (Surah Mominoon)
07. Yeh Subh-e-Madina
08. Rasha Makawa (Pushto)
09. Madad Meray Allah
10. Jalwa-e-Janaan

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