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How Will Traders Go to Paradise?

How Will Traders Go to Paradise?


Author: Muhammad Irshad Qasmi Bhaagalpuri Lakhnowi; Mufti Afzal Hossen Elias (translator)
Publisher: Zam Zam Publishers (2009)
Pages: 190 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

The Book before you deals with the teachings and advices of Nabi (peace be upon him) with regard to earning and occupation which holds the position of established principles and regulations in the Shariah and which have been furnished with sound verification.

The better part of the Ummah is heedless of the Deeni teachings and the commands of Shariah. To some extent efforts is made to learn and put into practice the rules and regulations pertaining to acts of worshiping Allah but as far as earning and occupations go, people are by and large free in their thinking and approach. They exhibit their view by their actions that they are bound by the Shariah in terms of acts of worship but that they are totally free to do as they please when it comes to trade and commercial issues. This is a total fallacy, for the Ummat-e-Muslimah is bound by the laws of Shariah in all walks of life. This is why, just as our Nabi (peace be upon him) has discussed issues related to acts of worship, he (peace be upon him) has to a greater extent discussed and commented on contractual dealings, trade and commerce as well as social norms and practices. It is highly necessary for those in this field to become conversant with the rules and regulations governing this facet of worldly life so that they avoid becoming involved in going against Shariah and becoming tainted by sins whereby they can avoid problems and difficulties in both this world and the next. By doing this, they will be able to conduct themselves by keeping the Shariah in view when leading their lives and avoiding the free thinking approach of other nations.

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