End of Time

End of Time


life of this world is short and temporary. Unfortunately for many, this world is perceived as a place of pleasure seeking. Until we do not appreciate the finite existence of this world and reckoning of our deeds, we can never prepare for the Hereafter. Allah SET says that, this life is nothing but individuals contesting between themselves as to who possesses the most worldly assets.

This book is a comprehensive explanation of the Three Surahs of Juz Amma; Sarah Takweer, Sarah Infitaar & Sarah Mutafifeen. This book is a continuation from the previous book from this author & herein the Three surah sketch out the scene of the Day of Judgement and describe the state of both inmates of Jannah & Jahannam.



Cover Paperback
Author Mufti Saiful Islam
Publisher JKN Publications
Pages 92
Size 21 x 14.8cm
Item Weight 205g
Item Category Beliefs


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