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Dehn Oud Al Samou Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Dehn Oud Al Samou Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml


Dehn al Oud al Samou is a creation of the famous perfumer Ard Al Zafaraan. Dehn al Oudh is the purest and most sought-after form of oud. The literal translation of ‘Dehn al Oudh’ is ‘Cream of Oudh’.

Fragrance notes: top notes: oriental spices, black musk and creamy sandalwood. Heart notes: cedar, agar wood (oud), green leaf (fern) Base notes: old sweet ood, amber and musk.

A pleasantly soft fragrance with all the aroma of the East. The fragrance has natural and fresh flavours that blend in intense essences. The fragrance is very suitable for all occasions. Use of popular ingredients in the East for thousands of years. It is an exclusive fragrance composed of the highest quality ingredients, giving an aroma that breathes luxury and style. This is the fragrance you can fall in love with the first smell.

This great scent is a demonstration of agility, vigilance and class. The performance is moderate and will not disappoint. It is a fragrance that can be worn all year round. A great fragrance that announces your presence with a dominant fragrance that opens the way for you and distinguishes you from others wherever you go. Ideal for lovers of typical oriental fragrances.

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