Death & Inheritance

Death & Inheritance


This book is an English translation of Ahkam-i-Mayyit, and is a necessary hand book for Muslims explaining rules pertaining to the deceased.

This book is the English translation of Ahkam-I-Mayyit of Dr. Abdul Hai Arifi, a world renowned highly respected spiritual master in this part of the world. This is a necessary book for Muslims. It contains indispensable rules and basic information about the teaching of the Holy Prophet when death approaches near, when it takes place and what to be done after death. Rules for distribution of inheritance of the deceased according to Islamic Shari is also comprehensively added.

Fair presentation in simple and comprehensive language is the special feature of this book.

Table of Contents

Translator's Note



  • CHAPTER I, Sickness, Medical Treatment and Visiting the Sick
  • CHAPTER II, The Time of Death
  • CHAPTER III, Bathing and Shrouding (Ghusl and Kafn)
  • CHAPTER IV, Salatul-Janazah : the Prayer for the Deceased
  • CHAPTER V, Rules of Burial for a Shaheed
  • CHAPTER VI, The 'Idda of Death CHAPTER VII Inheritance and its Distribution
  • CHAPTER VIII, Understanding Bid'ah
  • CHAPTER IX, Post-Death States of a True Muslim


The author, Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi was an authorised disciple of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi and the Shaykh of Mufti Taqi Usmani.

Translated by Professor Muhammad Shameem 


Cover Hardback
Author Dr Abd al-Hayy Arifi
Publisher Darul Isha'at
Pages 264
Size 22.6 x 14.2
Item Weight 380g
Item Category Fiqh-usul-al-fiqh


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