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Day And Night Stories For Children Full Set 5 Parts

Day And Night Stories For Children Full Set 5 Parts


Book format: paperback
Author: Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Publisher: Zamzam
Language: English
Contains 5 Parts
Weight: 730g Approx.
Dimensions: A5 size 22x15x4 cm Approx.
ISBN: 9789695830772

This is a box set containing 5 books stories for children.
It is indeed commendable to prepare a book focusing on the Deeni upbringing of children without unduly concentrating on language styles and eloquent speech.

An effort has been made to relate the excellent examples portrayed in the stories of Rasulullah and the Sahabah to the everyday lives of Muslim boys and girls.

Importance has also been given to children's interaction with Allah's other creations. Apart from this, parables from the lives of animals have also been included.


Stories in this 5-part collection include:
-Ahmad's hen in Mahmood's house.
-A thousand gold coins.
-The shining star.
-Two little boxes.
-True friendship.
-Obeying elders.
-The branch said.
-The first step.
-A lesson was learnt.
-New school.
-Amongst many others.