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Cures From The Quran

Cures From The Quran


Holy Quran is kalamullah (words of Allah Ta’alah), which blesses the reader and specially those, who follow its golden teachings. Without doubt, each word of this holy book is barkaah for us and provides Naja’at to Momens and Ala’min. The latitude of its qualities of cure can not be confined into a small booklet. Only few Ayat’s have been selected from the Oceans for the benefit of readers. These few Mujrebaa’ts (Well Tried) Aya’ats were used by few elders and they had benefits for curing temporary and moral diseases.

1.For Bloodpressure
2.Remedy of Heart Disease
3.For Diabetes
4.Disturbed By Evil Spirit
5.To Remove Jinnaats
6.No Hope of Children Being Born
8.For male Children
9.If a woman Loses Her New Born Child
10.Wish For having A Baby Girl
11.For Disobedient Children
12.To Break unlawful relationship
13.Having Difficulty In finding the right Partner for your child
14.Involved in Evils
15.Lack of Love Between Husband and Wife
16.Kidney or Pancrease Problem
17.Differences in the Family
18.For Returning a Person that has run
19.For Piles
20.To remove the effect of Witchcraft
21.To stop Oppressor from Oppressing

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