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iPad for iSlamic Children

iPad for iSlamic Children


Children's Educational toy in the form of an ipad "look-alike" tablet that is sure to give children hours of fun!

ipad size: 12cm x 19cm (runs on three AAA batteries)

Helps children to identify numbers, letters and sounds as well as spelling.


Contains a step by step visual and audio guide to praying salat - 

with pictures of each stage of the prayer as well as the audio recitation of the stages.


features some popular nasheeds and the following duas in arabic:
- Dua when eating
- Dua when making Wudhu
- Dua on Leaving the Toilet
- Dua on Entering the Toilet
- Dua on Awakening
- Dua when visiting the Sick
- Dua when going on a Journey
- Dua when Leaving the Home
- Dua on Entering the Home
- Dua on Wearing Clothes

- Learn the Arabic Letters
- Learn the English Letters
- Learn an Arabic and English word associated with each letter


a fabulous islamic toy.........

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