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Barakah ( Blessings )

Barakah ( Blessings )




Tabarak al-Sahabah bi al-Nabi wa Athiri - ''How the Companions Sought Blessings from the Prophet & His Relics''!  This excellent new book explains the principle of Barakah (blessings) within the context of hadith with supporting ayats from the Qur'an.

Barakah (blessing) means to ''bestow abundant goodness and multiplication / increase.'' It is also said that it means ''established goodness.'' Blessings are specifically proven as divine goodness and generosity of the Lord. He (the Exalted) stated :

                                  '' We would have sent blessings upon
                                     them from the skies and earth. ''

The blessings of the sky are rain and the blessing of the earth is its produce. Blessings are a passive particle (ism al-maf'ul) from where we attain abundant good.

This outstanding work is unique as it uncovers through authentic Sahih ahadith what the pious Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, sought blessings directly from.  Whether it was through touching the Blessed Clothing or remants (blessed hair or blessed nail clippings) of the Beloved Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, items that he touched, etc, this amazingly work mentions it all.


Publisher: Sheiky Notes
Author: Imam Sa'id 'Abd al-Qadir Bashanfar
Pages: 100

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