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Beauties For Life In The Qur’an

Beauties For Life In The Qur’an

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Are you aware of the beauties presented to you by the Qur'an? Are you acquainted with the facts related in the Book that Allah sent to you as a book of guidance?

The Qur'an tells us the purpose of humanity's existence on earth and how to live so that each person's life is compatible with that purpose. It explains our obligations to Allah and how we will be rewarded according to our actions. The Qur'an, the Just Book Allah sent to His devotees as a mercy, calls us to beauty, righteousness, purity, and eternal happiness. These qualities of the Qur'an are stated in many verses:

There is instruction in their stories for people of intelligence. This is not a narration that has been invented, but a confirmation of all that came before, a clarification of everything, a guidance and a mercy for people who believe. Surah Yusuf: 111

That is the Book, without any doubt. It contains guidance for those who guard against evil. Surat al-Baqara: 2

The Qur'an is a Book that addresses all ages, one that contains all the basic subjects a person may need throughout his or her life. The forms of worship, the state of mind unique to a Muslim, the ideal morality, the good conduct that must be shown in the face of unexpected happenings or at difficult times, the ways to lead a physically and spiritually healthy life, the moment of death, the events that a soul will go through on the Day of Judgment, and the Heaven and Hell awaiting all people afterwards are all related in this Book.

As well as being the unique source of all answers and explanations people may have about eternal salvation, the Qur'an also consists of many signs and admonitions essential for human life. Allah relates this attribute of the Qur'an in the following verse:

… We have sent down the Book to you making all things clear, and as guidance and mercy and good news for the Muslims. Surat an-Nahl: 89

On the other hand, only the believers live by the Qur'an's values and thereby lead a life in the light of its admonitions.

Allah created humanity and, through the Qur'an, communicated to all people the most viable solutions and all sorts of information needed to live a good life. Therefore, when faced with problems, it is essential for believers to refer to these verses and their implied outlook. No matter what kind of intellectual background a person has, his or her knowledge is still limited, for only Allah encompasses the knowledge of all things. People can attain knowledge only to the extent that their Creator wills.

They said: "Glory be to You! We have no knowledge except what You have taught us. You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise." Surat al-Baqara: 32

Given this, those people who want to lead a beautiful life in this world should adhere to the Qur'an's principles. Doing so allows them to attain "wisdom," a quality possessed only by people who think and fear Allah. This wisdom enables them to lead the most honorable life, to feel happy and peaceful, and, most importantly, to embrace the noble purpose of their existence. All they have to do is submit to Allah and the Qur'an; to examine and see the verses' commands and advice, as well as the subtle meanings they convey, and to implement them.

This book is a meditation upon the meanings implied by the Qur'an and the beauties that it presents to human life. It seeks to assist those readers who are pondering upon the Qur'an so that they can grasp what living according to its teachings really means and entails.

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