Al Alamir Charcoal Box

Al Alamir Charcoal Box


These charcoal tablets or briquettes come in a pack of 10 sealed in a foil wrapper, each tablet is approximately 33mm in diameter. You can buy these as a single tube, or a box of 10 tubes. The charcoal is coated with a special material which means that it can be lit with a lighter or possibly a match. The coating sparks across the charcoal surface and then should be left for a few minutes until it has started to heat through. These excelsior tablets are fast lighting, smoke-free, odorless, tasteless and long burning and means they shouldn't interfere with the scent of the incense.

The charcoal does get very hot and can glow red so great care should be taken. The disc should be placed inside a heat resistant container with earth inside (if required) to shield the strong heat. Once alight the resin can be spooned gently onto the charcoal and the resin becomes an incense and the delightful aromas are released. You can then add more resin as required.

Ingredients: The charcoal used is sourced from fruit trees, mainly the apple tree. This has been found to make the finest quality of charcoal.

Environmental Information: This charcoal is made from the timber cut from fruit trees, and as such this ensures that no tree is cut down. All timber used in production are discarded cuttings collected from selected sustainable apple orchards. This process guarantees the sustainable supply of timber without any loss of forest area.

We are aware that such charcoal tablets as these have previously been the target of counterfeit products, but we would like to ensure that these are genuine.

Safety note: Never leave unattended. Do not place container on a flammable surface. -

  • Swift Lite Charcoal is a very effective way to burn incense.
  • Simply lite the charcoal from a tea light and place in a heat proof dish.
  • Allow the disc to trun grey and palce desired amounts of incense on disc to burn.
  • Yop up as required.
  • Sourced from individuals that hold ethics.
  • Use with any gum/resin incesnes.
  • Uses: Cleanse space's and people. Celebrate specific aspects of life, the seasons & cycles. Use to lift an area or acknowledge loved ones.
  • Burn using a self igniting charcoal disk in a fire proof bowl, dish or censer.
  • Excelsior charcoal is the Number 1 hookah charcoal sold in the United Kingdom. It is recognised over the world as the leading charcoal brand for smoking shisha.


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