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Advice For The Students of Knowledge

Advice For The Students of Knowledge


Allah describes divine knowledge in the Holy Quran as a Light. Amongst the qualities of light are purity and guidance. The Holy Prophet (s) has clearly explained this concept in many blessed Ahadeeth and has also taught us many supplications in which we ask for beneficial knowledge.

It is apparent then that to acquire this true knowledge certain etiquettes and a certain character is required since Allah will not bestow His sacred divine trust upon anyone.

This book is a golden tool for every sincere student of knowledge wishing to mould his/her character and ingrain those correct qualities in order to be worthy of receiving the great gift of Ilm from Allah. It contains many simple instructions, examples, accounts of some great scholars and Islamic personalities and advice from teachers who have themselves trodden the path.

Cover: Paperback
Author: Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam
Publisher: JKN Publications
Pages: 46
Size: 21 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 110(Gram)

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