Abridged Fazaail E A'maal

Abridged Fazaail E A'maal


The Ta'limi Board will insha Allah be introducing The Abridged Fazaaile Amaal into the maktab curriculum in the coming year Insha Allah.
Hadhrat Moulana Ya’qoob Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu), one of the senior elders of Nizaamuddeen advised us to introduce the Fazaail-e-Aamaal to the children as part of the Madrasah curriculum in order to encourage them to carry out the necessary aamaal (good deeds). He also advised that the Fazaail-e-Aamaal be simplified and brought down to the level of the children so that they are encouraged to engage in Aamaal-e-Saaliha (good deeds). Therefore, in the light of Hadhrat Moulana Ya’qoob Saahib’s advice, Hadhrat Mufti Ibraaheem Salehjee Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu)), the Ameer of the Ta’limi Board and the principal of Madrasah Taleemuddeen Isipingo Beach, initiated the simplifying of the Fazaail-e-Aamaal for the benefit of the children in the makaatib. With the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala, this task was undertaken and completed this year.
This book is divided into 7 parts, viz. Stories of Sahaabah, Virtues of Salaah, Virtues of reciting the Qur-aan, Virtues of zikr, Virtues of Durood Shareef, Virtues of Ramadhaan and Virtues of Tableegh. A part of each section should be read out and explained daily to the children. This should be done 5 minutes before they leave for home. The following order should be followed in reading this book to the children.
Stories of Sahaabah
Virtues of Salaah
Virtues of Qur-aan
Virtues of Zikr
Virtues of Durood
This tarteeb (sequence) should be maintained throughout the year. However once the month of Sha’baan sets in, the section on Ramadhaan should be read daily during the months of Sha’baan and Ramadhaan.
It is hoped that Insha Allah, by reading these Ahaadith daily to the children, the love for Deen will be created in them and they will be motivated towards doing good aamaal.


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