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A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - 4 hr DVD

A Journey to Hajj and Umrah - 4 hr DVD


1. A journey to Hajj & Umrah (English & Urdu)
2. The Historical Places of the Quran (Urdu)
3. Madinah: The Bright Features, History & Civilization. (Urdu)
a. History of Madinah
b. Development of Madina
c. History of the Prophet's Mosque
d. Old and new pictures of Madina

Please note that this DVD is mastered from footage that was taken before before the digital age. The overall picture quality is fair, but cannot be called "DVD quality". However, the amount of information and knowledge contained is excellent.

This educational documentary takes you on a trip that every Muslim aspires to at least once in his or her lifetime. Learn more about the fifth pillar of Islam. Take a journey from Makkah, to Mina, Arafaah, Muzdalifah, Mina and back to Makkah while learning about the various rituals to be performed at each place. Learn about the 3 types of Hajj as well as what the different schools of thought say about the many aspects.

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