99 Names Of Allaah Made Easy for Children (3 Vols)

99 Names Of Allaah Made Easy for Children (3 Vols)


The Names of Allaah are presented in an easy to understand manner.

With each Beautiful Name of Allaah, a simple easy to understand story or anecdote is written.

At the end of each lesson duaas are added relating to the subject matter.

Each Name is defined then an easy explanation of the Name is provided.

Under each Name important points are stated so that the children can ponder over.

Lessons can be easily learnt from these points and stories.

Lessons relating to Beliefs, character, personality, up-bringing, morals and behaviour are mentioned to aid the children in their lives.



Cover Paperback
Author Ml Raashid Ali Nawaab Shaahi
Translator Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Publisher Mustafah Publishers
Pages 512
Size 21 x 13.5cm
Item Weight 650g
Item Category Beliefs


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