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Al Marwa Premium Towel Ihram

Al Marwa Premium Towel Ihram


Suitable for adult men size, made from Premium white cotton designed perfectly for the requirements of your Umrah or Hajj journey.

The two-piece ihram clothing must be worn in a specific manner. A sheet must be worn wrapped around the body from naval to knee. Either a belt or a rope is normally tied to secure the garment. The second sheet is placed over the left shoulder and tied around the body, leaving the right shoulder exposed.

Key Features:

Standard 2 piece ihram pack for Hajj or Umrah
Adult size comes in dimensions: 110 x 200 cm
Weight: 1400g approx.
High luxury cotton finish quality.
High quality absorbent white towels.
Soft and comfy
Free from sewn
Quality assurance after repeated washing
Made in Saudi Arabia - Al Madina Al Munawarah

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