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The Complete System Of Divorce

The Complete System Of Divorce


The complete system of divorce Hadhrat Mufti Sayed Abdul Jalil 's book on Talaaq (Divorce) has been published numerous times in the Indo Pak sub continent due to its academic nature and clarity. He ably discusses the philosophy of talaaq and its concept in other religions and countries. Then mentions the different types o f talaaq and goes into each ones details. Thereafter the talaaq laws are elucidated which occur under different and variant situations, circumstances and conditions. Followed by the rules of reconciliation via revoking, fresh marriage, Khula, 'Halaalah'. Then the regulations of Iddaat are adequately propounded upon and the circumstances causing and legalising annulment listed. Subsequently, the wisdom of maintenance system after talaaq in Islam explained. This book will benefit the scholar and men of the law will appreciate the finer intricacies of the laws of talaaq, proving that the Deen is complete. Whilst the layman will understand the rules of talaaq from the angle of simplicity and clarity. A simple advice to those who are to use the institution of talaaq is that they issue only one talaaq when their wives are in the state of purity prior to which no sexual relationship has taken place. This they will do they same work and give the same result of 3 talaaqs, however, leaving the door open for reconciliation.


Author: Hadhrat Mufti Sayed Abdul Jalil

Pages: 229

Binding: Hardback

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