The Awarif Ul Maarif

The Awarif Ul Maarif


Awarif ul-Ma'arif (in Arabic) has bever before been translated into English. This is one of the oldest and most authentic books on Sufism. What is here given to the reader, comprises more than a half of Misbah-ul-Hidayat. Shaikh Sahab ud-Din Muhammad Shurawardi, the author of this work in Arabic, was the son of Abu Najib, was born at Suhraward and he died at Baghdad.

The sources of this book on Sufism have been derived from Disquisition on Sufism by Sir W. Jones, Soofies (History of Persia) by Malcolm, The Gulshan i-Riaz and other sources.

Table of Contents: 

  • The Behaviour of the Murid to the Shaikh
  • The Customs of the Men of the Khanqah (Convent)
  • On the Rule of the Safar (Journey)
  • Sama (The Song, the Circular Dance of the Dervishes)
  • The Rules of the Sama
  • The Khirqah (Dervish Mental)
  • The Choice of the Coloured Khirqah
  • Khilvat (Retirement)
  • The Condition of Khilvat
  • The Dreams of the Men of Khilvat
  • On 'Ilm (Knowledge)
  • On Ma'rifat (Deep Knowledge)
  • On Hal (Mystic State) and Maqam (Stage)
  • On Tauhid (Unity of God) and Dhat (Existence of God)
  • The Affairs of the Next world
  • Ilm-i-Qiam (Knowledge of God's Standing as The Slave's Observer)
  • 'Ilm-i-hal (Knowledge of the Mystic Sate)
  • 'Ilm-i-Yaqin (Knowledge of Certainty)
  • Nafs (Essence)

Weight: 495


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