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Taqleed ( 2 vol )

Taqleed ( 2 vol )


All praise is due to Allah, our Creator, Nourisher, and Provider. Peace and Blessings be upon all the Ambiyaa and upon the last and final Rasul Muhammad and peace and blessings upon his companions who accepted and propagated the deen to the entire world.

In every age due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, stubbornness, funding by others, want of fame and popularity etc., various deviated sects rise.

In our age in numerous places the concept of free thinking motivated by rebelling against the ideology of following one Imam of Fiqh has taken a grip.

We have compiled a series of booklets to remove misunderstandings, promote the comprehension of Fiqh, especially Hanafi Fiqh of Qiyas also presenting the question to those who insist to state that the Quran and Ahadith are sufficient to act on shariat and there is no need for Fiqh.

We make duaa that Allah blesses all with the valid understanding of Shariat.


Vol 2 

A collection of treatises concerning Taqleed, and other issues of contention between the Ahl al-Hadith and those who follow one of the four great Imams. Includes:

  • Selected portions of Mawlana Anwar Qureshi's Hadith and the Ahl al-Hadith
  • Women And The Masjid
  • Where Do Pious Women Perform Salah
  • Various Fatwas from Fatawa Rahimiyyah

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