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Sunnats Part 1 & 2

Sunnats Part 1 & 2


Mufti H M H Saljee
Paperback 139 Pages
Published by Daru Kutub, Dewsbury UK (Printed in India)

Approved by: Jamiatul Ulama Natal , South Africa

This books provides details of the Sunna method of the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam in practically all aspects of life, from greeting, handshaking, visiting, marriage, burial, dua, to counting, praying, and traveling, in a very clear way.

Unlike many books on this subject, the References are provided for most of the Sunnah practices whether it be from Bukhari, Muslim or Hadth books outside the Sahih Sitta (The 6 Authentic Books of Tradition).
The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

'The person who loves my sunnah (tradition) loves me and he or she will be with me in Paradise. (Tirmidhi)

Partial list of topics covered in the book:

Sunnats upon awakening
Sunnats of cleaniness
Sunnats of Salat
Sunnats pertaining to eating
Sunnats of drinking
Sunnats of the night
Sunnats of dressing
Sunnats of reciting the Quran
Virtues of some Surahs of the Quran
Sunnats of travel
Sunnats of greeting, hospitality, and guests
Sunnats of gifts
Visiting the sick
The Marriage
Sunnats when a child is born
Death, Mourning & burial
Conducting business
Sunnats of Dua'a (Supplications)
Islamic Calendar

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