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Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih

Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih


Sultan Muhammad Al-fatih Paperback – January 1, 2009

This book talks about Muhammad al-Faatih, the liberator of Constantinople and the defeater of the Romans. It is also about his great grandfathers who lived with Islam and died for the sake of raising the word of Allah high. This book discusses the biographies of ' uthman the first, Urkhan, Murad the first, Bayzid the first, Muhammad Halabi, Murad the second and Muhammad Al-Faatih. It details their attributes, the course they adopted, and the way they followed the rules, set out by Allah SWT, to build their state. It showed that the liberation (conquest) of Constantinople was the result of the accumulated efforts of scholars, leaders and soldiers. The reader will learn the Ottoman renaissance, during the reign of Sultan Muhammad al-Faatih, encompassed scientific, political, economic. and military fields. The characteristics of victory and governance should exist in a nation and its leader, in order for state to prevail.

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