Shariyat ya Jahalat English - Either Right Path or Ignorance

Shariyat ya Jahalat English - Either Right Path or Ignorance


There are many customs in our society which have no base in Shariah but because of their ignorance people observe them as a part of (DEEN) religion. Hence the title of the books is SHARIAT YA JAHALAT. Means, we must check the customs either those are right path (SHARIAH) or ignorance (JAHALAT).

This book takes all such customs which are not authentic in religion and gives the correct verdict on that and proposed the right course of action. It discusses a wide range of topics covering to general actions from propagation of religion to knowledge of the unseen, from innovative practices, the rights of parents and others. The book is very helpful in correcting wrong practices and improving the right path actions. All the Quraanic verses and Ahadith are given with their quotations.


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