Shariat And Tasawwuf By Maseehullah Khan

Shariat And Tasawwuf By Maseehullah Khan


Shariat and Tasawwuf by Hazrat Maseehullah Khan(Rah.)


SHARIAT AND SINCERE Wali of Allah is the Representative (Khalifah) of AllahTaala on earth. He is the rooh (soul) of creation. All creation existson his presence. Everything supplicates for the grace emanating fromhis spiritual effulgence. His heart and I brain are the repositories of Divine Knowledge and Grace. Allah Taala has decreed him (theWall) as His special servant and has grated him the closest ofproximity. Allah Taala has expanded his breast for theunderstanding of the meaning of His Kalaam (The Quraan Shareef).Allah Taala has granted him the Knowledge of the Quraan and has revealed to him theinner meanings and realities of the verses so that he may guide mankind and cure itsspiritual maladies. He (the Wall) has been appointed by Allah Taala to execute theobligation of Amr Bil Maroof (Commanding virtue) and Nahu anil Munkar (prohibitingevil)

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