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Scattered Pearls Majlis Ulema Sa

Scattered Pearls Majlis Ulema Sa


This is a short compilation of selected sayings and anecdotes of the illustrious Auliyaa (the special friends—saints) of Allah Ta'ala. The perpetuation of Islam in its original purity has been ensured by the various classes of Auliyaa among whom are also found the great Fuqaha (Jurists), Muhadditheen (Hadith scholars) and Mufassireen (scholars of Qur'anic exegesis). The sayings and anecdotes presented in this book belong to the domain of Islamic morality, spirituality and the remembrance of Allah, which in fact is the goal of life. No order has been observed in this compilation. It is essentially a book of Naseehat—advice and admonition.

Cover: Paperback

Author: Compiled by the Majlisul Ulama of South Africa
Publisher: Young Men's Muslim Association
Pages: 144

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