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Royal Raw  Honey Jar 250gm

Royal Raw Honey Jar 250gm


250g Pure Sidr Honey harvested in Spain

Sidr Honey is among the finest variants of honey in the world. It comes with a distinctive taste, and is rich in nutrients. The nectar of the Sidr/Lote tree flowers is the origin of this variant. The Sidr/Lote tree is also known as Christ’s thorn/Jujube, Sidr tree (Arab), Bari/Ber tree (Pak/India), Hunnap Tree (Turkish), Henup Tree (Bulgaria) ZufZuuf Tree (Morocco), Annub tree (Lebanon/Iran). The fruits of the tree have high-energy content, its leaves are rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium and magnesium. This is a 100% natural type of honey- for no chemicals or synthetic additions are involved, and neither is any machinery used. This honey is considered sacred in many religions.

The benefits of Sidr honey are numerous- it is beneficial in stomach ulcers, liver ailments, diseases due to malnutrition, eye diseases, surgical wounds and a host of other issues. As a natural antibacterial and antibiotic agent, the benefits of including Sidr Honey in your diet are a lot more than just the ones mentioned. Moreover, the use of honey as medicine is well documented in Ayurvedic and Greek medicine.

250g Pure Sidr Honey approximately

One food spoon would give power and energy for the the whole day.

Mix one food spoon with one lemon juice to clear all the cold and the throat problems.

Very good for digestive system and to boost your immune system.

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