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Riyadh al-Muta’alimeen (Principles for Students of Knowledge)

Riyadh al-Muta’alimeen (Principles for Students of Knowledge)


Principles for Students of Knowledge 
Riyadat al-Muta'allimin
By Imam Ibn As-Sunni
Translator : Muawiyah ibn (Mufti) Abdussamad
Editor : Raees Usman Khan
Foreword By Mufti Shabbir Ahmad
Publisher : Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda


This book is aimed at teaching the students of the sacred knowledge the manners of studying. This book Riyāḍat al-Mutaʿallīmīn is indispensable and beneficial especially for students of knowledge and teachers. Imam Ibn al-Sunnī outlines the manners and guidelines for students and teachers, the methods of teaching and learning, and the different sciences that should be acquired. This compilation has translated the original work in a reader friendly manner, mentioning the approximately 300 manners with proofs from narrations.

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