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Qibla Compass

Qibla Compass


Qibla Compass showing direction of AL- KAABA

( Excellent Quality)

NEW, Boxed and complete with instruction booklet and wallet

This high quality Compass is Versatile and Stylish; it is suitable for finding Qibla directions worldwide.

. Carry every where you go slip it into your purse or pocket. It is very light and small.

For Qibla Codes refer to enclosed Reference booklet.

Very helpful for travellers and makes an excellent gift.

How to Determine Qibla Direction for your location:

- Place the compass on a level surface such as table or ground. Avoid putting it near iron object ( bunch of keys, knife, metal table) which would affect its magnetic hand.

- Rotate the compass until the red needle is pointed at the Qibla Code listed for your current location.

- The Minaret pointer (located at 0) indicates the direction of Qibla .

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