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Illuminating Discourses on the Noble Quran (5 Vol)

Illuminating Discourses on the Noble Quran (5 Vol)


A translation of the nine volume tafsir [exegesis] of the Holy Qur'an "Anwar al-Bayan" by Maulana Ashiq Ilahi al-Barni; one of the great scholars of this century who recently passed away in Madina Munawwara. He had resided there for the last two decades, after having taught in various education institutes around India and Pakistan. A student of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya, he was a prolific write of many works on a variety of subjects.

Some outstanding features of this tafsir: simple, straightforward, and easy to understand; provides explanation of the Qur'an through the Qur'an, authentic hadiths, statements of the Sahaba, and the exegesis of the great Imams of tafsir; completely avoids Israelite traditions; references rendered in detail; contemporary issues discussed; discussions on aspects of tasawwuf; Islamic laws elucidated from verses; explanation of the circumstances of revelation; and filled with many words of wisdom and advice.


AuthorMufti Aashiq Elahi
TranslatorMufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Size27 x 20cm
Item Weight4240g
Item CategoryQuran-tafseer-usul-al-tafseer
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