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Black Seed Massage Oil

Black Seed Massage Oil


Black Seed Massage Oil contains natural extracts of herbs & essential oils that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected areas to heal the symptoms. It penetrates the body tissue faster than any other oil because of its strong anti-inflammatory actions. It is a sensual way to relief exhausted and fatigued muscles. Black Seed Massage oil is very effective in the treatment of arthritis, back pains, frozen shoulders, lower body pain and muscular spasms.


  • Helps to relieve various body aches.
  • Penetrates, soothes and relaxes the affected area.
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Fast and Effective


Apply evenly on the affected area and massage it gently until fully absorbed. Repeat it as per need.


-Discontinue use on sensitive area if excessive irritation occurs.

-Do not use on cracked skin

-Protect from heat, sunlight & naked flame.

*For external use only.

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